Yoga Fitness Mindfulness Program Review

Yoga Fitness Mindfulness Program Review – Find Your Fit


Great advice & knowledge from experienced coaches


Flexible options which includes lifetime option


Excellent value for money with option to cancel any time 


New program so testiomonials are few but positive


100’s of high quality fitness and yoga 

We Like​

  • Lots of variety in the classes you can do
  • Incorporate classes from leading fitness and yoga practitioners 
  • Flexible subscription models
  • Diverse roster of instructors and trainers
  • Exclusive discounts on workout apparel and equipment
  • Access to workshops and retreats worldwide

We Don’t Like

  • Not a lot on non video content
  • Access to Facebook group is only available on annual and lifetime membership
  • New Video content is not added as regularly as one would like

Summary: Yoga Fitness Mindfulness (YFM) is a new health and fitness platform. It combines the benefits of yoga, functional fitness and meditation. Utilising a number of established fitness and yoga programs it offers unique and diverse training options. They have many expert coaches will keep you motivated to get the results you are looking for.

Introduction to Yoga Fitness Mindfulness Program

I don’t know who first said “variety is the spice of life” but it’s something most people agree on. Diversity makes life interesting and this is especially true for health and fitness. Combining yoga, fitness and mindfulness on a single platform is a fantastic proposition. Consequently they compliment each other offering a wide variety of exercises and workouts. The Yoga Fitness Mindfulness (YFM) program looks to bring together leading yoga and fitness practitioners. As a member you will get access to all of them in one place.


YFM objective is to provide you with the most amount of variety in your training. However their key results is for you to achieve the gains you’re pursuing. The programs USP is combining yoga, cardio training and meditation and offering them together on a single platform. Instructed by expert coaches who offer diverse training programs in yoga and fitness. Above all the classes and workouts are fun, innovative and results driven. No matter what your experience or fitness level is, they will keep you focused and motivated. Mindfulness and meditation practices offer the opportunity to regularly check your overall wellness. Look to achieve peak flow, process trauma, recenter, or unwind.

Curating and Partnerships

YFM unique offering centres around connecting the leading fitness and yoga practitioners. It allows you access them all on the same platform. Bhujang Style, Broga yoga and Balanced Athlete incorporate great classes and instructors.

Bhujang Style

As yoga has become more mainstream the apparel business has grown. But for men it has been a challenge to find good yoga pants. Bhujang Style goal is to supply every male yogi with pants that perform great on the mat. Most men will do yoga in shorts or sweatpants as the yoga pants previously available to them were not very inspiring. Designing men’s yoga pants is a challenge. It took Bhujang Style a considerable amount of trial and error to complete their creation. The pants developed receive hundreds of 5-star reviews and they have a great and loyal customer base. This is because they look and feel great with right cut and fabric. They are also extremely functional. So they can be worn casually encouraging any impromptu stretching session and not missing out on the opportunity to be active.

malewellness_man wearing Bhujang Style pants


Broga provides great yoga classes for the YFM program. Even though the classes were initially geared for men they work for anyone looking to be more active. The classes combine excellent cardio, core strengthening and muscle toning functional fitness exercises. Therefore you get amazing workouts through clarity enhancing yoga postures. They reduce stress and you get a deep flexibility and relaxation feeling from “working in.”Broga has a mission to help men by offering them real tools to cope with daily stresses and demands. They believe that accessible yoga based programs can serve as a good basis to improve men’s lifestyles. These help men to live in their most organic selves. In addition they can be internally and outwardly connected yet powerful and compassionate from the inside out. Above all the vision is to increase the number of men practicing yoga through Broga classes, retreats and workshops. Broga programs services and merchandise enable men to walk, compete, and live stronger, balanced lives.

Balanced Athlete 

A unique partner to the YFM program. It is community of fitness minded and professionals dedicated to creating mindful revolution in fitness. They do this by creating a personalized, supportive, and fun environment in which to get in shape. Above all the goal is to help anyone improve their health and fitness whatever stage they are on in their journey. To make them stronger, healthier, more empowered and mindful and having fun along the way. The classes offered allow you to exercise smarter and learn how to connect your mind and body. In conclusion they improve movement and undo imbalances caused by overuse, trauma, or life. 


Balanced Athlete Fitness Studios are beautifully designed spaces that enhance the fitness experience. The staff of coaches are national certified and experienced. Inspiring clients to reach their fitness and weight loss goals with the breadth of their knowledge and the variety of their skills. Workouts are designed to specific fitness or sport goals and are regularly modified. These personal trainers will help you burn more calories and provide a jump-start to improve your health. Specifically they will help if your fitness level has plateaued or if your current routine is boring or not challenging enough.

Key Features 

There are many features available that ensure you get a great deal when you join YFM! 

Free 7 Day Trial

While investing in your health and fitness is a worthwhile exercise, you want to make sure whatever program you join is right for you. The free 7 day trial allows you to access the platform, watch videos and do workouts. Therefore you will be able see the types of workouts available and the instruction style of the coaches. 

Multiple Membership Options

YFM offer many flexible membership plans. This allows you to choose the access that is most suitable to your needs. You can plan your training whenever and wherever is most convenient for you. Because not everyone is going to wake up at 6 am (in the dark!) to get to the gym before work.

Instance 1

Monthly Subscription




Free 7-day trial. $12/month. Cancel Anytime.

  • Unlimited access to hundreds of fitness videos
  • Workout any time, anywhere.
  • $12 Monthly or $29 Quarterly
LIFETIME Subscription



Free 7-day trial. $300 one-time payment. Over $1,000 in bonuses.

  • Unlimited access to hundreds of fitness videos.
  • Workout any time, anywhere.
  • Exclusive discounts on apparel, live events, and retreats.
  • Access to private Facebook group for exclusive workouts and access to instructors.
  • Direct, live access to trainers and instructors to ask questions and get advice.
  • 60-day money back guarantee.
  • Hundreds of workouts, on your schedule
annual Subscription




Free 7-day trial. $100/year (Save $44/year plus $500 in bonuses)

  • Unlimited access to hundreds of fitness videos.
  • Workout any time, anywhere.
  • Exclusive discounts on apparel, live events, and retreats.
  • Access to private Facebook group for exclusive workouts and access to instructors.
  • 60-day money back guarantee.

Member Benefits

Becoming a full member of Yoga Fitness Mindfulness has many benefits. Once you signup you will land on below members homepage. It has a look and feel that is clean and uncluttered. As a result it is easy to navigate to find the workouts you want to do. Use the ‘My Account’ link to easily change, update or cancel your membership at anytime you need to.

malewellness_YFM Homepage


The YFM platform makes it very easy for you to find the right workouts for them. The programs page groups the workout videos together with similar content. Consequently you can find all the workouts that match your training goals. So choose workouts that match your fitness level. In addition it’s easy to track your progress and measure your gains. Currently there are seven programs setup but expect the number to continue to grow.

Yoga for Beginners

If you are new to yoga this is a good place to start. There are over 20 videos designed to strengthen mind and body. It makes it easy to add daily or weekly yoga workouts to your routine. Furthermore the workouts cover a few areas including yoga flow, mindfulness, rehab and relaxation. Instruction comes from experienced coaches and yoga veterans from all walks of life. Their styles are distinctive and the sessions are educational, adding a lot of extra value.


Yoga for Athletes

These workouts are unique as they are designed by and for athletes. Find classes that help to stretch and strengthen muscles that are key to sporting performance. Furthermore the coaches use their years of experience from either playing professional or working with pro athletes. They provide lots of inspiration and motivation to support your training program and provide deeper focus.

Power Yoga

Looking to step up the intensity of your workouts? Want to add some cardio and strength-building elements to your yoga? Contrarily the level of these workouts are medium and hard, so expect to sweat! There are also classes that explore arm balances and more physically advanced flows like flying pigeon and sugar cane. If you have a partner you may want to challenge each other with partner yoga. It’s recommended that you do this class with three people: Two yogis and an experienced spotter.


Restorative Yoga

Relaxation and recovery are important part of a balanced workout program. Restorative yoga classes are slower and help you relax and recover from injuries. Specifically the classes focuses on the breath and re-energizes the mind and body. Suitable for all ages and levels and it is recommended that you include this yoga style in your practice. Consequently there are many benefits of 20-30 minutes of slow deep breath while holding yoga poses.

Yoga Tutorials

The technical side of yoga poses requires regular practice. Whatever level, all practitioners should invest time in learning and improving the execution of poses. Yoga tutorials on YFM cover the basic and more advanced poses. They provide tips so you can get more out of your workouts. You will learn variations on popular poses so you can adapt depending on your experience and level. Also uncover the deeper aspects of postures and get the descriptive, technical cues to move closer to proper alignment. Eliminate unnecessary discomfort while getting more from the posture in general.



This is another important activity to practice to achieve a balanced workout schedule. Regular meditation benefits the body, mind and soul and is very impactful. The meditation workouts on YFM have plenty of variety. Included are traditional meditations such as guided, mantra and mindfulness. Classes will leave you relaxed and rejuvenated and help to calm your mind. They are between 10-20 minutes in length so you can do them anywhere, at anytime. Meditation is valuable in focusing your mind for specific sporting activities. The batter’s and pitcher’s meditation purpose is to develop and refine confidence and consistency. Visualisation techniques have proven to be very effective in developing trusted processes.


Tai Chi

An internal Chinese martial art combining gentle physical exercise and stretching with mindfulness. Research shows that tai chi can improve balance control, fitness, and flexibility. On the YFM platform you have the opportunity to learn from Tai Chi master David Yee. Furthermore he will walk you through the fundamentals of beginning your practice.


The Library provides a fast and simple way for you to find the right workout for you needs. It is easy to browse the entire video library and see the details of every workout. The details include difficulty, instructor, length of workout and style. You can also search for specific workouts by using the drop down search menu. As a result you can search by difficulty, style and instructor.


Instructor Team

Another feature of YFM that sets it apart from other online fitness platforms is the instructor team. It is a fast growing roster of amazing and experienced instructors. They bring years of expertise and passion for yoga, fitness, and mindfulness. To this end, the goal as a team is to constantly learn from students and develop and improve workouts. Below are five profiles of the instructors you can train with on the YFM platform.


Robert Sidoti

Robert’s journey began in 1998 in NYC. To begin with he struggled with the postures and holding poses. But he kept at it and saw it complimented his other physical activities. With a life long interest in fitness, health, sport and wellness he is now a certified yoga instructor and personal trainer. Throughout the years his yoga practice has evolved and changed. He still enjoys the physical challenges but also appreciates slower movements and internal connection. Robert is certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. He also completed ’Yoga for Athletic Peak Performance’ at the Sivananda Vedanta Centre. Other certifications include Karma Kids NYC, and 200hr RYT with Kira Ryder.

In 2011 Robert and co-founder Adam O’Neill launched Broga. It was created with a simple goal: To bring the benefits of yoga to more men. Broga represents the culmination of Robert’s vast expertise as a health and fitness professional. He has been striving to create an optimal, and balanced, fitness program. Furthermore Robert is fueled by his commitment to promoting men’s health and deep love of yoga. His Broga classes are challenging, fun and full of energy. As a rule he appreciates feedback and use it to innovate his workouts. On the YFM platform you will find Robert’s fitness and flow classes and poses and practices tutorials.


Mike Fecht

Mike first came to yoga to manage chronic back pain. Yoga cured his back pain and but personal tragedy resulted in a deeper appreciation of the healing benefits of a yoga practice. After his wife was murderd his yoga practice taught him how to reevaluate his life. He let go of ego and ‘let life happen,’ so to speak. Mike believes he has a unique opportunity to use yoga to connect with others. In particular he wants to break through many of the common stereotypes that men especially, associate with yoga. Currently he is Co-President of YFM and the head of YFM’s Yoga for Athletes program. His role is yoga instructor and brand ambassador, contributing educational and Yoga-themed content. He works closely with YFM founder Jonathan Creamer. Their goal is to expand the awareness and mission of YFM to an even greater global audience.

He is a 20 year health and fitness industry veteran, starting in corporate wellness while in college. A former college baseball player, Mike uses that knowledge to connect with other professional athletes. He has worked with many professional athletes from the NFL, MLB, NBA & NHL. Incidentally Mike’s classes on YFM are on the yoga for athletes, power yoga and meditation programs.


Douglas Warner

A yoga and meditation teacher for over 22 years, Douglas knowledge and experience is undisputed. He is the founder of Warner Healing Guidance LLC and creator of P.A.T.H. (Pause, Assess, Take Action, Heal). It is a simple, four-step meditative process designed to rapidly resolve and prevent constant stress. Douglas came to a life in yoga and meditation after 11 years of service as an US Army Intelligence Officer overseas. However it was a stressful career, ruining his health and marriage. Leaving the military, he brought balance to his life through holistic body work, meditation and yoga. Consequently you will find a wide variety of Douglas classes on YFM covering beginners yoga, mindfulness and rehab.


Lydia Smith

Lydia has spent thousand of hours training and practicing the healing arts. Her list of certifications and licenses are diverse and impressive. – Colorado Massage Therapist (MT.0022030)- Florida Massage Therapist (MA75549)- Certified Advanced SomaVeda™ Thai Yoga Practitioner and Instructor- NCBTMB Accredited Continuing Education Provider- Natural Therapeutics Specialist- NM Certified Colon Hydro-therapist- Yoga Alliance Certified Continuing Education Provider- 200HR E-RYT Hatha Yoga Teacher

Accompanying her parents on their mission and nonprofit work across West Africa, she developed an early interest in healing and helping others. Subsequently this developed into exploring different cultures ways of healing around the world. Her education in practicing healing arts began in 2007. She received a certification as a Hatha yoga instructor from Yandara Yoga Institute in Todos Santos, Baja, Mexico. She then graduated from the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics and practiced massage and bodywork. Finally she was certified as a Thai Yoga Therapist in 2011. Lydia classes are rehab and restorative workouts focusing on the breath and re-energising the mind and body.


Dan Nevins

Dan’s story is immensely inspirational. A decorated soldier, Dan was severely injured during combat in Iraq in 2004. An improvised explosive device (IED) detonated beneath his vehicle. He lost both legs below the knee, and lives with a traumatic brain injury (TBI) and the emotional wounds of war. The Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) played a major part in his successful rehabilitation. In particular they instilled a “can-do” attitude into Dan. He has a positive outlook and passion for helping his fellow wounded warriors in him. An advocate for the organisation he shares his story with hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

Dan discovered yoga it helped him heal from the invisible wounds of war in a way that nothing else could. He also realised other wounded warriors could benefit from yoga in the same way. Becoming a yoga teacher in 2015, he incorporates the notion of “yoga for every-body” into his speeches and classes. It encourages people from all walks of life – and veterans in particular – to take up the practice. The Yodha Foundation has developed the Warrior Spirit Retreat. It is a non-profit that empowers warriors and their families to greater possibilities. Empowering them with new tools for healing from the invisible wounds of war. Subsequently his yoga for beginners classes on YFM are very popular and inspiring.

Beyond Classes

As a YFM member, you get access to exclusive discounts – of up to 40%! – on some of the finest workout apparel and equipment on the planet. You also get special early bird member access to YFM and partner workshops and training courses. Finally save on yoga retreats run by some of their amazing instructors around the world’

YFM main retail partners are Bhujang style and Eros Sport. Both companies specialize in fitness apparel that is aesthetically modern and comfortable. Consequently their products are not only great but are functional and adaptable. They invested heavily in sourcing the right fabrics. Eros sport use multi-directional micro-fibre breathable fabrics to provide a “custom fit” feel. The choice of threads provides a cooler workout experience. It is achieved by wicking away sweat to ensure the most comfortable body temperature. By the way Bhujang style spent over 18 months of trial and error to develop the right cut and fabric for their performance leading yoga pants.

YFM Community 

The YFM facebook community is an active community which has nearly 150K likes and followers. There is lots of discussion from influential member of the fitness, yoga and mediation community. Other YFM members contribute a lot to the discussions as well. You can find information about live yoga events and retreats that are either run by them or their partners. Also it features regular discounts and promotions on classes, retreats and subscriptions. I would recommend following this page and waiting for a suitable discount before signing up.


Alternatives to YFM

Historically most yoga classes available online focus on the traditional yoga aspects. Recently more courses are offering a wider range of services combining yoga with other fitness activities.

Man Flow Yoga

Man Flow Yoga believes that getting and staying in shape should be a simple process. By doing the right exercises and investing 20 to 30 minutes every other day you will see great results. If your goal is to stay healthy, injury-free and mobile, MFY workouts are exactly what you need. Yoga isn’t a complicated practice but it can be intimidating at the start for men. In particular it is vital to build a strong foundation based on excellent technique from the start.

Man Flow Yoga is yoga for men and women that focuses on the technique above all else. Creator and instructor Dean Pohlman always provides clear and detailed instructions. As a result this ensures you are always know what you should be doing in each posture. Furthermore whether you are a complete beginner or have been doing yoga for a few years you will always learn more to advance your practice. The focus is on the physical aspects of yoga compared to more traditional styles so you can get the maximum benefit out of each posture. You will understand exactly what each exercise is doing for your body, so you understand the benefit to your functional fitness.

Man Flow Yoga is full of great content. The videos are HD quality and can be downloaded for your connivence. It contains lots workout programs for all levels and experience with new ones being added regularly. The site is well designed, clean, uncluttered and very easy to navigate. You can save your favourite workouts so you can access them easily. The workout library allows to you filter all the videos by time, skill level, target area, fitness focus and intensity level. Membership offers great value with the most costly membership being cheaper than the cost of a single yoga class! Checkout the full review of Man Flow Yoga.


This is a very diverse site dedicated to healthy living and an active lifestyle. It has a lot of content, well over a thousand yoga classes. There are also other cardio, HIIT, pilates and strength and weight training classes. You can also find information on healthy living through blogs and videos. The site has a strong social media element. Therefore the platform allows you to follow other yogis, specific topics and interact with other people.


Grokker is definitely an up and coming site and has enough content to cover the demands of most yoga and fitness enthusiasts. It is suitable for newbies and experienced users and is great value for money. It compares well to YFM as it is cheaper and has more content. Grokker offers a 2 week free trial with a personalised program designed and customized to your goals.

Final thoughts on Yoga Fitness Mindfulness Program

Combining a variety of fitness, yoga and mindfulness programs is YFM’s strong USP. Consequently by joining you have access to a diverse and unique training program. Classes and workouts are from leading fitness and yoga practitioners. You will receive instruction from a number of dedicated and expert coaches and sports professionals. They focus on fun, innovative and results driven classes and workouts.

Great classes! Really well thought out, with a good pace from start to finish. Love the strengthening poses and active core work!

I always feel better after a class, and that’s what keeps me coming back.

Unpretentious and awesome!

They strike a wonderful balance between strength training, stretching, relaxation, and inner connection.

The YFM platform is clean and easy to use. It makes it very easy to find the programs and instructors you are looking for. The variety of the workout of the library is already quite impressive and the content will continue to grow. You can find excellent programs covering yoga for beginners or athletes and power and restorative yoga. Independent of your experience, there is opportunity learn and improve your practice. Yoga tutorials cover basic and more advanced yoga poses. Meditation and Tai Chi provide balance to your exercise program, calming your mind, relaxing and rejuvenating the body.

There are further benefits once becoming a YFM member. The include access to exclusive discounts from retail partners. Furthermore they extend to partner workshops and training. You can also make significant savings on booking to yoga retreats around the world. YFM offers a free 7 day trial and then multiple membership options. Therefore you can choose the most suitable membership that fits your requirements.

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