Up Your Yoga Game With The Best Free Yoga Apps In 2021

Up Your Yoga Game With The Best Free Yoga Apps In 2021

I have been doing yoga on a regular basis for over five years now. For me it is the best physical and mental exercise you can do. I know some people think it is an expensive practice and I agree yoga studio membership can be quite high. Fortunately there are now many high quality online platforms and free yoga apps to download. So now you can practice your cobra, downward dog and happy baby whenever, wherever.

There are many free yoga apps available for download which have high quality content and are good value for money. Simply Yoga is the only free yoga app where you can access all the content for no cost. 5 Minute Yoga Workouts offers the next best value for money, with a lifetime full access for $11.99.

The right app helps immensely in experiencing the benefits of a regular yoga practice. Downloading a top rated app will provide you direction, instruction and inspiration on a daily basis. Let’s look at the best free yoga apps available and how they can benefit your yoga practice.


This app is packed with classes, over 1,500 at the last count! The classes included all the yoga styles as well as Barre, Pilates and even classes for kids. What I really like about YogaDownload is that they have done a fantastic job at creating the right atmosphere for yoga. 

Classes are prerecorded in a yoga studio with the instructor, and most classes include students, and everyday yogis. They help provide a visual for you as you practice.

Free yoga apps

Feature to Try: In addition to video, audio classes are available. Many of the audio classes are accompanied by printable pose guides. Since there is no other visual instruction, these classes are best suited to people who already have a strong yoga experience.

The app does a great job in categorising classes and programs. The scaling of classes is very descriptive, so the lowest intensity classes are described as “Ahhhhhh”. “Everyday Namaste” for a little more intensity and “You’ll Feel It” for medium intensity. “Bring a Towel” is for the high-intensity, most sweaty classes! 

The programs are very descriptive in detail which is very helpful if you are trying to attain a specific goal. Programs include “Yoga for Busy People: a Two Week Challenge”. Others are “Yoga for Detox, Cleansing and Vitality,” and even a 21-day full-body fitness boot-camp. Memberships cost $17.99 per month or $119.99 per year (prices for non-United States customers will vary)

Daily Yoga

A great app for beginners with guided classes that focus on the basics. Many classes feature world class teachers so the programs are a high quality. The mission of the app is for you to develop a daily yoga practice. It does this by offering 500+ asanas, 70+ yoga programs and 500+ guided yoga classes. Also available are Pilates and meditation sessions.

male-wellness_daily yoga app

Feature to try: It can be difficult to pick a class or program everyday and Daily Yoga knows this. They have created Smart Coach feature which helps you search for the right class. Choose one of six targets to achieve in one month and Smart Coach will select a session every day to get you to your goal.

Daily Yoga has a strong community to keep you motivated. Yogis from all over the world come together to discuss their experiences, encourage each other and share tips. You will be motivated and achieve your goals more often. The app integrates with the Apple Health app incorporating your yoga into your other fitness activities and goals.

Once you have downloaded the app you receive a free 7 Day trial with your membership before starting a subscription. These are monthly, yearly and lifetime plans.

Yoga | Down Dog

This free yoga app to download promises you a brand new yoga practice EVERY time you come to your mat. It has over 60,000 different configurations that grants you the power to build a yoga practice that you will love. If you are a beginner you should start with the Intro to Yoga series that focuses on Hatha, Restorative and Vinyasa styles. 

If you are a beginner you should start with the Intro to Yoga series that focuses on Hatha, Restorative and Vinyasa styles. More experienced yogis with love that they can practice many other styles including Ashtanga, Chair, Sun Salutation and Yin Practice.

male-wellness_yoga down dog free yoga app

Feature to Try: The Boost feature allows you to focus on 20 different practice areas. Use it to really sharpen a particular area, or to vary up your routine by rotating through them all. A popular area for this feature is for the back. If you suffer from lower back pain work on strengthening and stretching your back. Target backbends, building back strength or lower back openings.

The app offers even more variety through dynamic changing music and 6 different yoga teachers to be your voice guides. Also all yoga practices are available in 9 other languages! Download and save practices for offline use and have more flexibility on when and where you practice. 

You can also sync between multiple devices so your routines are continuous. Memberships cost $7.99 per month or $49.99 per year (prices for non-United States customers will vary)

Lotus Yoga

With one of the largest yoga libraries available, this is an app with a lot to offer. It has hundreds of yoga workouts & meditation classes and 450+ Instructed poses for all levels. Using this app regularly will have you feeling better and healthier in 2020!!

The 450+ yoga poses are classified by their difficulty or focus area. This makes it very easy to find what you are looking for no matter your experience or knowledge. Every pose is beautifully illustrated and described in great detail. The benefits of the pose are explained as well as notes for caution.

male-wellness_lotus free yoga app

Features to try: Custom Class builder is a tool that allows you to create your own yoga classes. By accessing the vast yoga pose and sequence library you will have more variety and flexibility to your practice. Make full use of the Clever-Connect feature for smoother transitions between your poses.

The app has many pre-made yoga and Pilates programs that are very easy to follow. These programs lengths vary from five days to one month and cover a range of levels. To help you develop a consistent practice you can schedule over a calendar and get reminders for your yoga days. 

 It also helps in tracking your progress. If you’re interested in meditation there are many excellent guided meditation classes as well. 

Integration with Apple is another great feature. Link the app to your Apple watch and you can organise and join your class. Once in a class you can see current pose, heart rate and calories burned. Additionally you can play, pause or change when you are in the yoga class. A monthly subscription costs $18.99, and a yearly subscription costs $36.99

Simply Yoga – Home Instructor

Sometimes it’s best to keep things simple and yoga is one of those things. This app combines a few routines and multiple poses to create 20, 40 or 60 minute workouts. The poses are extensive and varied (from beginner level to borderline advanced).

The transitions are also excellent and there is a heavy focus on pramayana (breath). It also includes the Sanskrit names for all of the poses. This is a free yoga app that focuses on the practical side of yoga. There is no music or cheesy positive language, just practical, straightforward instructions that are clear and clearly demonstrated.

free yoga apps

Feature to Try: Integrate with the Health App on your Apple device and you will see how many calories you can burn doing yoga, you might be surprised!

Even though Simply yoga is a free app, the content is of a high quality. The video and audio are very descriptive ensuring your alignment and posture is correct for all the poses. There is some advertising that helps keep the app free. 

You can purchase the pro version of the app for $22.99. It gives you access to a second level of techniques and an ability to create custom routines. It also has no ads.

5 Minute Yoga Workouts 

Practising yoga is similar to most forms of exercise in that both shorter and longer sessions can still be beneficial. 5 minute yoga workouts are a perfect way to start the day. They can also relieve stress in the office or to help unwind before bed. It is also a great introduction to yoga and will help you to develop a daily yoga habit. 

Every session you do on the app is different as they are created from a large selection of poses. These are established and effective yoga and fitness poses. The imagery is very clear and the instructions are detailed which is great for yoga newbies.

Feature to try: Don’t want to miss a workout? Set reminders for your workouts, you choose the date and times and then get a reminder when it is time.

The setup is very minimal, once you have downloaded you can dive right into a 5 minute session. Each session consists of 5 poses to form a sequence and there is a timer to countdown how long you hold poses for.

You have access to two free sessions before making In-App purchases to continue to use the app. There are multiple pricing options with the best value being lifetime full access costing $11.99.


A little bit different from a lot of the yoga apps currently available to download. Gaia mission is to find and share informative and enlightening films, original shows, classes, and articles that aren’t available through mainstream media. 

A unique blend of yoga and meditation videos as well as alternative healing and personal transformation content allows discovery of new and exciting perspectives. A library of over 8,000 exclusive videos and original programs you will always discover something new.

male-wellness_Gaia yoga app

Feature to Try: Android users can stream videos through Chromecast very easily.

Gaia provides easy access to the world’s best teachers and spiritual luminaries to guide you on your yoga, meditation or other spiritual journey. The content offers an alternative to the mainstream, pushing the boundaries of tradition to encourage new ways of thinking. Membership includes 7-day free trial and monthly subscription costs $11.99, and a yearly subscription costs $99.99

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