TRX Tactical Suspension Trainer Review - Made for the Mission


Strong, lightweight carabiner

Ease of Use

Setup in less than 60 seconds


Durable rubber handles

Pulley System

Lightweight aluminum D-ring adjusters

Value for money

Free 30-day hassle free returns


  • Toughest and lightest suspension trainer
  • Easy to clean rubber handles and lightweight D-rings
  • TRX Xtender allows for more anchor points
  • Free one- year subscription to the mobile app
  • All inclusive package
  • 5 year warranty


  • First-time users need some time to learn on how to use it properly
  • Alone, it is not ideal for building muscle mass
  • Full package is quite expensive

Summary: The TRX Tactical Gym is the toughest and most rugged suspension trainer available. If you are dedicated to your fitness regime and want to train in any condition and environment, this is the product for you! Its effectiveness and simplicity mean everyone can keep performing at the highest levels. The Ruggedized FORCE Guidebook is a 12-week progressive TRX Tactical Conditioning Program. It is an extensive video library with three levels of progression and 70+ exercises and pull-out exercise maps. 

TRX Tactical Gym Suspension Trainer Review
  • Benefits & features
  • product reviews
  • alternatives & final verdict

TRX are now established as the market leader for high quality suspension trainers. They launched their first suspension trainer in 2005 and since then have been developing and innovating their product line. Due to their success and the growing health and fitness industry there are know a few alternatives available 

Alternative #1: CrossCore Rotational Body Trainer 

This is a unique trainer, which offers rotational movement to your training. This makes it ideal for sport conditioning, rehabilitation, military fitness, and general training. The patented magnetic pin-lock pulleys are it's main USP. They are designed to offer more stable movements than other suspension trainers. The construction and design of this suspension trainer is similar to the TRX. The design of this trainer allows easy setup with anchors. The unit attaches to any space up to eleven feet high.

The CrossCore rotational body trainer package includes the Suspension trainer, Door anchor, Carry Bag, Basic Training DVD & Manual. It is very compact and only weighs four pounds.

Pros of CrossCore Rotational Body Trainer

  1. Rotational movement creates instability and engages the core more than any other bodyweight trainer.
  2. Magnetic pin provides lots of versatility in exercises. Locked in the trainers is more stable, unlocked it rotates and becomes more challenging.
  3. Attaches to any safe anchor point from seven to eleven feet high. 

Cons vs TRX Tactical Gym

  1. Design and functionality isn't perfect. The smoothness of that plastic disc and the nylon rope causes slippage from the groove of the plastic disc. You have constantly to reset/place it back in the groove
  2. More difficult to setup, have to tie knots and make more adjustments.
  3. Heavier and more bulky 

Alternative #2: ComCor Suspension Gym Fitness Trainer

This suspension trainer design is simple, easy to use and built to last. It's main features are the "lay-fit" grip straps and eight feet straps. This allows for better alignment of the straps with your arms, reducing chafing. Also the longer straps offer and wide range of exercise possibilities. The carabiners on the ComCor® Suspension Fitness Trainer have a weight limit of over 1,000 pounds. 

TRX Alternative

The ComCor Gym Fitness trainer is a cheaper alternative to the TRX Tactical Gym but it still is a high quality product. It is well built and many customers were surprised how effective it is for many types of workouts.

Pros of ComCor Suspension Gym Fitness 

  1. One of the less expensive suspension trainers on the market.
  2. Made and manufactured in the USA.
  3. The foot straps on ComCor® unit are fully removable. ​​​​

Cons vs TRX Tactical Gym

  1. Carabiners may change design based on availability, but strength will remain the same.
  2. Requires other tools like eye bolts to mount the trainer securely. 
  3. No instructional material supplied with purchase.

Final Verdict: TRX Tactical Gym suspension trainer

As the market leader in suspension trainers, TRX know they have to innovate and improve their products to retain their position. The Tactical Gym feels like a product that has been researched and field tested by the real users the equipment is meant for. It has received positive reviews from firefighters, military personnel and athletes from professional sport leagues; if it's good enough for them it can't be half bad! 

The TRX Tactical Gym is rugged and built to be used in any environment, indoors and outdoors. It features three different anchoring solutions that allow you to train almost anywhere whenever you need to. Like other TRX suspension trainers it is designed and built to workout the whole body. The focus is to constantly challenge your balance, core, flexibility and mobility to increase your strength and improve your overall fitness. By using gravity as resistance, you have a wider range intensity and progression. Finally it is uniquely suited to help rehabilitation from injuries due to it's flexibility and adaptive nature.

Purchasing a suspension trainer from TRX is unique from its competitors as you will receive a free one year subscription to the mobile app. The TRX FORCE® Super App features a digital 12-week tactical conditioning program that builds strength, endurance and power. All material from the App is also downloadable for offline access anywhere. 

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