TRX RIP Trainer Review

TRX RIP Trainer Review – Reach the Next Level


Industrial-strength carabiner

Ease of Use

Simple attachmentmechanism 


Commercial-grade rubber handles

Pulley System

Resistance cord with nylon cover

Value for money

Hassle-free returns


  • Strengthens core through rotational power
  • Very effective for burning calories
  • Portable and simple to attach almost anywhere
  • Personalised sport specific workouts
  • Adds great variety to push and pull exercises
  • 5 year warranty


  • Requires more space than other suspension trainers
  • Some cheaper alternatives available on the market

Summary: The Rip Trainer is a multi purpose training tool from TRX. Effective for strength and conditioning, it adds intensity and variety to every workout. The multi-faceted approach of this device means it is beneficial for users who are recovering from injury or need rehab. The Rip Trainer is a versatile tool suitable for beginners, elite athletes, fitness enthusiasts alike.

  • Benefits & features
  • product reviews
  • alternatives & final verdict

Combining a lever bar and resistance cord, the Rip Trainer might be TRX most effective training device. Training with this device provides a unique workout mix. Suspension training already challenges balance, coordination, core stability and flexibility. Rotational movements require more body engagement to maintain stability and create power. This translates to increased mobility, metabolic conditioning, power and strength. Rip training is a simple, effective method to integrate rotational movements into training. Additionally you layer on complexity to achieve your sport and workout goals. The all inclusive package include:

  • The Rip Trainer Handle
  • Medium Resistance Cord offering a challenging 20lbs of resistance
  • Safety Strap to prevent a loss of the baton during training
  • Door Anchor with nylon webbing loop
  • Instructional Guide for set-up and suggested workouts
  • Carry bag

What is a TRX RIP Trainer?

Sought out by an X-game athlete to help improve core performance and lessen back pain, Pete Holman had a eureka moment! By attaching a bungee cord to a closet rail, the idea for a multi purpose resistance device were born. Life and sport require that we be able to both control and produce rotational force. Rip Training utilizes the same asymmetrical loading we encounter every day. Your body is continually rotating or controlling rotation. Whether that is an everyday exercise like picking up your child or playing sports. 

The Rip trainer challenges mobility and stability throughout the body. The elastic resistance allows for more options in training. Either high-speed, low-load rotational movement training or low-speed, high-load rotational movement training.

Benefits of the TRX RIP Trainer

Multiple panes of movement: The Rip Trainer improves mobility and coordination. This is because you can do challenging workouts in all 3 planes of movement. This is important as your body doesn’t move in one dimension. So it makes sense to do exercises that utilizes all planes of motion. You should look to add more resistance and change the planes of motion when exercising. This results in increase intensity of workouts on the Rip Trainer.

Sport specific workouts: The unique design and functionality of the Rip Trainer makes it great training partner for sports. It allows you to engage in unlimited movements which, when performed properly, enhance fluidity and range of motion. The tool provides a unique mix of rotation, core stability, control, speed, strength, power and mobility. You can do high speed striking movements or slow speed strength and stability exercises. You can design workouts for specific sports like golf, lacrosse, MMA, surfing and tennis.

Injury recovery and rehab tool: If you are recovering from injuries or a major surgery, the RIP trainer is a great tool for rehabilitation. Like suspension trainers it is an excellent alternative to free weights. This is because you are using your own body weight for resistance. You can also increase cardiovascular endurance by doing exercises that challenge your heart rate. Most of these are low impact and unlike running or plyometric training, so there is less risk of re-injury.

Features of the TRX Rip Trainer

Resistance cord and weighted bar: The main features of the Rip Trainer is the resistance cord and weighted bar. The medium resistance cord offers a challenging 20 LBS of resistance. Combined they create an asymmetric load for explosive core and cardio training. The variable, unbalanced load enables development of core strength and explosive power. Increase flexibility and endurance through movement patterns related to everyday life and sport

DVD and instructional guide: There is a DVD and instructional guide included in the package. This helps you to understand the product properly and learn which ways it can benefit you. TRX has developed a wide assortment of unique, leverage-variable resistance exercise movements. They include coaching cues, programming and educational principles that use the Rip Trainer. 

Free one-year subscription to TRX app: The TRX app is compatible with iPhones and Android phones that support Bluetooth 4.0. It will connect to third party heart monitors that use a Bluetooth 4.0 signal and that are non-proprietary. The App is your perfect training partner as TRX coaches guide you every push, pull, step and stretch of the way. While you workout, it tracks and analyzes your data, and turns it into information you can use. There wide variety of training options including yoga, running, cycling, HIIT, functional training, suspension training and more. So you can choose the workout that best meets your goals and schedule.

Review Summary

There are many positive reviews for TRX RIP Trainer and a few negative ones. Most of the positive reviews agree that it provides a great workout especially for core and lateral twisting. It is very compact and doesn’t take up a lot of space to store it. The construction is high quality, built to last. The negative reviews are about needing space to use it and difficulty in changing the resistance cord. 

TRX are now established as the market leader for high quality suspension trainers and related training products. They launched their first suspension trainer in 2005 and since then have been developing and innovating their product line. Due to their success and the always growing health and fitness industry there are know a few alternatives available 

Alternative #1: CoreX RipFit – Functional Fitness Stick Trainer 

The CoreX RipFit is a functional fitness stick with an excellent design that allows for multi purpose functionality. You can use it with either one side or both ends of the RipFit bar attached to resistance band(s). The single attachment mode works your core muscles through asymmetrical force. Exercises are very effective, after a while you will notice even standing strains your core! By attaching both ends of resistance band to the bar, your are set to do more traditional strength training.

The main CoreX RipFit package includes a metal RipFit training bar and 2 CoreX resistance band of 15lbs & 25lbs. You also receive 2 attachment loops, an ankle strap and door anchor. The shoulder carry bag is very practical and makes transporting easy. You also receive a 51 page training and setup guide provides excellent instructions and training ideas. 

Alternative #2: Stroops – Fit Stick and Slastix

Combining the Stroops Fit Stik Pro bar with a Slastix resistance band produces a powerful exercise tool. You have a highly functional device to build core strength and endurance, increase flexibility and power. The Slastix is a durable resistance band, that ranges from 12” to 72″ in length. The 36” Slastix is the standard length and provides the most training versatility. You can also have 5 levels of resistance. Very light is 10lbs resistance and very heavy is 30lbs of resistance. The Fit Stik Pro is a 39” functional training bar with professional grade grips. Swivelling eyelets at each end of the bar allows for easy attachment to Slastix (one or both sides at a time). It has great functionality enabling you to do rotational and asymmetrical exercises.


By anchoring to a stationary object or your own feet you now have a lightweight and portable exercise machine. The Fit Stik Pro creates resistance while you engage in exercises and movements that mimic real-world sports.

Final Verdict: TRX RIP Trainer

The TRX Rip Trainer combines an innovative resistance cord and lever bar. It is a device that adds rotational movement to suspension training. This system creates a variable, unbalanced load that promotes core strength and endurance. It encourages movement patterns related to everyday life and sport. This results in increased explosive power, flexibility and mobility. The Rip Trainer is light and portable so you can use it anytime, anywhere. You will love the element of rotation and resistance working together.

The construction of the Rip Trainer is a of a very high standard. It’s not just an expensive bungee cord that would wear through quickly. You can be confident it will survive repeated use in tough workout sessions. It is a well designed integrated and rugged unit that will last for a very long time. The Rip Trainer does require more space than other suspension trainers, especially if you are doing HIIT. Overall, you will be pleasantly surprised how a simple device could deliver such great results. It is also works well as a secondary training tool, offering even more variety to your training regime.

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