TRX Pro Suspension Trainer Review - Fitness Evolved


Locking, 1,300-lbs.-tested carabiner

Ease of Use

Ready to use in a handful of seconds


Built-in microban antimicrobial rubber handles

Pulley System

industrial-grade reinforcement stitching

Value for money

5 Year warranty


  • Premium construction, built to last
  • Features upgraded handles  
  • Anchoring solutions make it easy to set up anywhere 
  • Free one- year subscription to the mobile app
  • All inclusive package
  • 5 year warranty


  • First-time users need some time to learn on how to use it properly
  • Quite technical equipment so can cause injury if not used correctly
  • It is pricier than most of its competitors products

Summary: The TRX Pro is a versatile suspension trainer that lets you customise your workout plan according to your fitness goals. It is intended for both beginners and professional fitness devotees. It features upgraded materials like the Microban- treated antimicrobial, textured rubber handles designed to stand up to hard and regular use. Purchase it from the TRX store and get a free one-year subscription to the TRX app. The app features 80+ workouts with real-time, in-ear feedback from our best trainers.

  • BENEFITS & features
  • alternatives & final verdict

TRX are now established as the market leader for high quality suspension trainers. They launched their first suspension trainer in 2005 and since then have been developing and innovating their product line. Due to their success and the growing health and fitness industry there are know a few alternatives available 

Alternative #1: Rip:60 Home Gym & Fitness DVDs 

The rip:60 is a high quality suspension trainer that also features fitness and workout guides. The suspended rotation system forces your body to stabilise and balance throughout your workout for maximum muscle activation. You'll not only lose weight and strengthen muscles, but you'll increase flexibility, power and endurance. This home workout equipment promises to completely transform your body in just 60 days!

The rip:60 package is impressive and features the following: rip:60 straps, rip:60 for Runners DVD, rip:60 Nylon Carrying Bag, Jillian Michaels Fat Shredding DVD, Georges St. Pierre Lean Muscle DVD, rip:60 Power Yoga Workout DVD and 60 Day Nutrition Guide.

Pros of Rip:60 Home Gym 

  1. Package is highly suitable for beginners to suspension training as workout DVD's provide direction and structure
  2. Excellent value for money, the programs has been created to help you stay focused and motivated 
  3. Very easy to modify to increase intensity of workouts

Cons vs TRX Pro

  1. Although the construction is high quality, the handles are big and bulky which can be awkward to use for certain exercises
  2. The adjustments buckles slip quite often which can get very frustrating. 

Alternative #2: GoFit Gravity Straps

The GoFit Gravity Straps is an alternative to the TRX suspension trainer that you can use in your home for full body exercises. It harnesses your body weight which provides all the resistance you need for a variety of total-body exercises. This equipment is effective in building strength, strengthening your core and improving your balance. It is very easy to setup the GoFit Gravity straps as you can install it in your doorway. You don’t require any other hardware to get started when using this suspension trainer.  

The GoFit Gravity Straps package includes 2 handles and ankle cradles, training manual and mesh travel bag. 

Pros of GoFit Gravity Straps

  1. It is one of the less expensive suspension trainers available today.
  2. Can do multi-functional upper and lower body and exercises without much adjustment to straps
  3. Ideal for daily workouts as you can leave them mounted on your door and you will notice them when you open/close the door!

Cons vs TRX Pro

  1. More limited training options due to requirement of doorway to use equipment.
  2. Setup is actually quite difficult as you need to find suitable doors. Solid wooden door are the recommended type which are usually exterior doors.
  3. Handles are made of hard rubber like material so not the most ergonomic feel

Final Verdict: TRX Pro suspension trainer

After using the TRX Pro my final verdict is that it is an outstanding suspension trainer set. It does have a couple of drawbacks, firstly being the price compared to other suspension trainers on the market. Secondly beginners will need some guidance or training to get started.

The TRX Pro suspension trainer is versatile so you can customise your workouts. The equipment lets you workout your whole body so you can achieve your fitness goals. It features premium materials including antimicrobial-treated, textured rubber handles. The construction is extremely sturdy, featuring upgraded webbing that can last a lifetime. With adjustable and padded foot cradles, and a theft-resistant carabiner, it is an exceptional training product.

This suspension trainer is unique from its competitors, coming with a free one year subscription to the mobile app. The app is more than a video library of exercises. It delivers personalised workout plans and real-time verbal feedback based on bio-metric data. You also have peace of mind with a five-year replacement warranty.

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