TRX Home 2 System Review

TRX Home 2 Suspension Trainer Review – All Core all the time


Locking, 1,300-lbs.-tested carabiner

Ease of Use

Workout anywhere – home or outdoors


Adjustable foot cradles for diverse workouts

Pulley System

Barrel lock adjusters for quick transitions

Value for money

One Year Free App Access


  • Light, portable and versatile equipment
  • Suitable for most fitness levels
  • Provides a full body workout 
  • Free one- year subscription to the mobile app
  • All inclusive package
  • 5 year warranty


  • Quite technical equipment so can cause injury if not used correctly
  • Most exercise require balance and stability that can reduce your power and strength 
  • Not ideal for newbies to training 

Summary: The all-in-one, total-body workout system you can set up in less than 60 seconds at home or anywhere you go. Get stronger, build muscle, lose weight and improve flexibility fast – no weights required. The beauty of the TRX is the instability of the straps, which challenges your core muscles. It also comes with a year subscription to the TRX app so you can follow workout plans designed by the experts at TRX.

Summary: The TRX Home 2 System allows you to workout anytime, anywhere at home or outdoors. It is a great training option for you if want to develop more strength, endurance, and muscle mass. Also it effectively tightens your core  efficiently while improving your balance and flexibility. Explore and find a wide range of workouts to achieve your fitness goals. Actually I guarantee you will never tire of using your TRX Home 2 System Suspension Trainer!

TRX Home 2 System Review

  • Benefits & features
  • alternatives & final verdict

I had been looking for ways to keep in shape from the comfort of my home or while away on my usual business trips. My gym trainer suggested that suspension training would be the best way to improve my functional and core strength. I liked her suggestion and after trying out at the gym a few time, I purchased the TRX Home 2. Needless to say, this equipment has been doing an excellent job so far.  After using it for a couple of months, I would like to provide a detailed review of it. I hope this review will help you decide if the TRX Home 2 will help you achieve your fitness goals. On delivery of my TRX Home 2, I received the following:

  • New TRX Home 2 Suspension Trainer
  • Door Anchor
  • Suspension Anchor
  • Mesh Carry Bag
  • Free 1-year subscription to TRX App

Things to consider before buying a TRX Home 2

The TRX is a very efficient piece of fitness equipment. You can perform many exercise which will improve your balance, core strength and flexibility. However before purchasing the equipment, consider your skill level in suspension training. If you are a novice, it will be best for you to seek out the services of a personal trainer first since he or she can provide a comprehensive introduction to suspension training. An instructor can help you learn the proper way to exercise with the TRX and ensure you avoid any injuries. After you have learnt the basics, you can then acquire this simple but highly effective training equipment.

You should also consider how much you are willing to spend on your fitness training. The TRX Home 2 kit is more expensive than many other suspension trainers but it is discounted regularly. Sign-up to the Male Wellness newsletter and we will keep your informed of the latest deals on suspension trainers. 

The TRX Home 2 is good for gym goers, athletes, and anyone who exercises regularly more than 2 times a week. However the TRX is not suitable for people new to exercise. Consequently beginners should consider getting some advice and training from a personal trainer. Or even try it out at your local gym before purchasing the equipment. 

Benefits of the TRX Home 2 Suspension Trainer

Flexible Training options:  Since the TRX is portable and easy to setup, you can use it almost anywhere. This means you will be able to keep to your training regime and achieve your fitness goals. Once you have setup the equipment correctly you will be able to do your favourite exercises wherever and whenever. Also training when you are in the right mood is not only good for the body but will keep you motivated to improve. 

One workout, many results: Use the TRX for exercises to build strength, burn body fat, increase endurance, flexibility and stability. Furthermore it is efficient for bodybuilders, athletes, and people who want to lose weight or stay fit generally. Machines treat your body in individual parts. The TRX, however, treats your body as one by ensuring that the exercise covers every part of you. It can be used for a wide range of exercises ranging from muscle building to improving flexibility and burning fat.

Ability to perform multiple exercises: The suspension trainer can perform multiple exercises such as push-ups and squats that build strength. Doing these exercises together in a sequence over a short time gives you more of a cardio workout. 

Features of the TRX Home 2 Suspension Trainer

Strong and adjustable equipment for better performance: The suspension trainer has straps that can be adjusted to meet different training needs and body sizes. The six to seven foot long straps are made of heavy duty nylon which is so strong that you only need to worry about the support your TRX is attached to. The handles on the trainer have a great grip that ensures your entire body weight is fully supported.

Built to achieve real results: The TRX manifesto is the following: “As the leaders in functional training, we aim to empower you in your pursuit of better. We’ve developed the world’s best training equipment, workout programs, and education course to help you achieve a better version of yourself.” The TRX Home 2 provides all the tools so you can be successful in your training. The Getting Started Guide has all the necessary information and instructions for you to start training straightaway. It also comes with a best-in-class 35-page full-color TRX workout guide and two bonus workouts. 

TRX App: Unique from most suspension trainers the TXR Pro comes with a one-year free mobile app subscription. It has guides for over eighty different workouts. However, you should note that you will have to pay for your subscription after one year.

TRX are now established as the market leader for high quality suspension trainers. They launched their first suspension trainer in 2005 and since then have been developing and innovating their product line. Due to their success and the growing health and fitness industry there are know a few alternatives available 

Alternative #1: Lifeline Jungle Gym XT

Lifeline jungle gym XT is designed for beginners and professional athletes who wish to work out their upper, lower, and core muscles. The suspension trainer is portable, and it is constructed from sturdy materials to withstand regular use. Lifeline Jungle Gym XT comes in a pack containing the duo- link connection strap, strap- end adjusters, a poster, anchors, and a workout download.

Main difference to TRX Pro suspension trainer: The TRX Home 2 is a single anchor system while the LifelineUSA is dual anchor. The main  advantage of a dual anchor system is that you can do more strength exercises. These would be full bodyweight suspension exercises that you may do on gymnastic rings. Single anchors are quicker and easier to adjust the strap length. Thus making them more ideal for circuit based workouts where your rest periods are shorter or nonexistent. You can use any suspension system for both types of workouts. But dual anchor systems hold an advantage when it comes to raw strength training compared to while single anchor systems.

Pros of Lifeline Jungle Gym XT

  1. Plastic handles are easier to clean than foam TRX handles 
  2. Dual attachments points allows you greater flexibility to change width for different effects or to spread the weight load. 
  3. Price is a lot less than the TRX

Cons vs TRX Pro

  1. Harder to flip around without removing feet (push to pull exercise) if you superset your workout
  2. Handles don’t feel as secure and can be dissembled easily
  3. Quite bulky and less portable

Alternative #2: Ultimate Body press Resistance trainer

The Ultimate Body Press’ resistance trainer has some outstanding features. The construction includes commercial grade handles and straps. The buckles and carabiner are great for surviving the wear and tear for regular use. Finally the universal anchors fit in most places and the flat handles ensure excellent comfort. It is ideal for beginners and pros.

The Ultimate Body press resistance is a cheaper alternative to the TRX pro but it still is a high quality product. It is well built and many customers were surprised by the durability.

Pros of Ultimate Body press 

  1. Good quality straps, strong and durable
  2. The handles are soft enough but don’t feel cheap.
  3. Comes with a little carry bag and a quick guide on how to setup and use. It also includes basic exercises and workouts.

Cons vs TRX Pro

  1. Having 2 completely seperate straps causes a couple of issues. You waste a lot of time trying to match the straps so they are even. The TRX auto-evens itself out by allowing the straps to adjust.
  2. You need different setup for different exercises which can break the routine. Not ideal for circuit training type workouts.

Final Verdict: TRX Home 2 suspension trainer

After using the TRX Home 2 my final verdict is that it is an excellent product. It is a great place to start if you are looking to create a home gym. Suspension trainers are versatile and when used correctly offer more variety than any other fitness equipment. The TRX Home 2 package includes everything you need to start training. There is information and instructions on setting up the equipment and tips and workouts for beginners. 

The TRX Home 2 suspension trainer is versatile so you can customise your workouts. It is an effective suspension trainer for building greater flexibility, mobility and stability. All core all of the time: Stabilizing your body weight with TRX Suspension Training constantly challenges your core while engaging a broad range of muscle groups all at once, including your heart. The construction is extremely sturdy, featuring upgraded webbing and adjusters. New adjustable foot cradles, handles and paddles, provide a more versatile and comfortable experience.

This suspension trainer is unique from its competitors, coming with a free one year subscription to the mobile app. The app is more than a video library of exercises. It delivers personalised workout plans and real-time verbal feedback based on biometric data. You also have peace of mind with a five-year replacement warranty.

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