TRX Duo Trainer Review

TRX Duo Trainer Review – Strength Training Evolved


Split Dual Infinity Anchors

Ease of Use

Easy to setup and adjust strap lengths 


Ergonomic handles & mobile grips

Pulley System

Heavy duty and sturdy construction 

Value for money

More expensive the other brands


  • Innovative design
  • Very reliable construction 
  • Features Split Dual Infinity Anchors
  • Straight wooden handles and foot cradles
  • Mobile grips
  • 5 year warranty


  • More an innovation than a new product from TRX
  • No measurements on the straps, so alignment can be tricky
  • More expensive than other brands 

Summary: Are you looking to take your strength and core stability to the next level? Are you ready for workouts that challenge even the most demanding athletes? Do you want equipment that you never outwork or outgrow? If you answered yes to all 3 questions then the TRX Duo Trainer was created for you! Combining suspension training with the benefits of gymnastic rings, TRX are evolving the industry again. The TRX Duo Trainer will unlock new possibilities for your training and limitless progression.


  • Benefits & features
  • alternatives & final verdict

When you are the market leader, you need to innovate to stay ahead of the competition. So while this is a new product for TRX it’s not the first or the only split-anchor suspension trainer on the market. As one of the standard bearers and most trusted fitness training brands, TRX never stop creating new ways to make fitness simpler and more effective. The Duo Trainer is a hybrid of an Olympic ring trainer and suspension trainer. So now you can do many more exercises and workouts using the same equipment. The TRX Duo Trainer package includes the following:

  • TRX Duo Traine​​​​​r ​Strap
  • 2 Infinity Anchors
  • 2 Mobile Grips
  • Mesh Carrying Bag
  • Free one-year app subscription

What is a TRX Duo Trainer?

Taking the best bit of two excellent training products to create a great product. That’s exactly what TRX have achieved with the Duo Trainer. Creating a more demanding dual-anchor-point system through innovating the industry leading suspension training. The focus was to create another simple training tool that challenged athletes. Enabling them to develop greater levels of strength, mobility, endurance and flexibility. TRX is now a company that can partner with the experts to ensure they are focusing on providing the most effective workout. The TRX Duo Trainer’s design is backed by the expertise of Dr. Kelly Starrett. He is the renowned strength coach and MobilityWOD founder and best-selling author.

The TRX Duo Trainer combines the flexibility of suspension trainers with the benefits of gymnastic rings. It actually adds a whole new level to suspension training. So previous experience with them or advice and training from a PT is recommended.

Benefits of the TRX Duo Trainer

Complete solution: A suspension trainer is a great tool to use for a full body workout. They challenge your strength and core in many different ways. They are also portable and easy to setup, so you can use it almost anywhere. Do a wide range of exercises ranging from muscle building to improving flexibility and burning fat.

Versatility: The TRX Duo offers more versatility than other suspension trainers. The functionality of gymnastic rings allows for more moves that can’t be done on a regular TRX strap.

Limitless Progression: There are many advantages of using your body weight and gravity as resistance. Creating instability forces you to focus on balance and core strength throughout all exercises. Re-positioning your feet and hands will increase difficulty, so you can never outwork or outgrow the Duo Trainer.

Features of the TRX Duo Trainer

Innovative Design: The key feature is the dual anchor point. The separate straps that allow for functional hanging movements such as dips and pull ups. The improved ergonomics provide support during dips, pull-ups and muscle-ups. It also reduces the risk of injury, especially wrist pain.

Infinity loops & mobile grips: The TRX Duo makes quick and accurate adjustments. The straps have clear visual guides to help you make macro and micro changes. Mobile grips increase comfort and ambidexterity. Also the triangle design helps prevent the strap from digging into your forearms.

Wooden straight handles & Foot Cradles: The wooden handles feel great in your hands. The straight design takes into account your hand/wrist physiology. They unload your wrist, are easy to grab and easy to adjust. You will be more confident in loading your full body weight when training.

TRX are now established as the market leader for high quality suspension trainers. They launched their first suspension trainer in 2005 and since then have been developing and innovating their product line. Due to their success and the always growing health and fitness industry there are know a few alternatives available 

Alternative #1: Onnit Suspension Rings 

The Onnit suspension rings are effective and versatile training equipment. They are easy to setup with their own door mount component. It is a dual mount system with the straps connecting to anchor points independent of each other. You can target many muscle groups in both the lower and upper body. The Onnit suspension rings encourage natural lines of force in your movements. This is a big advantage when you are doing movements like pushups. You will down toward your sternum rather than out to the sides which is a more natural and safe movement.

The package includes 2 Ultra-Strong Wood Rings with Door Mount Anchor, 4 Aviation Grade Aluminum Carbineers, and Mesh Carrying Bag.

Pros of Onnit Suspension Rings

  1. Anchor loops are marked with numbers, making for fast, easy adjustments.
  2. The rings are very strong and sturdy. 
  3. Opportunities to perform more gymnastic moves

Cons vs Onnit Suspension Rings

  1. Harder to use for leg exercises
  2. Less portable as the rings are heavier than TRX handles
  3. The strap length is shorter, reducing the flexibility of the trainer

Alternative #2: Lifeline Jungle Gym XT

The Lifeline Jungle Gym XT is a lightweight alternative to training with weights. The device is portable so you can train whenever and wherever is convenient for you. With a split anchor design, you can make adjustments, easily and quickly. This type of versatility allows you to perform a wide range of exercises that improve flexibility, power, and strength. It is a very popular suspension trainer as it was the first to use the split anchor design.

The Lifeline Jungle Gym XT package includes 2 straps (8 feet each), easy-wipe handles and easy-in foot cradles, door and Duo-Link anchors and inline adjustment buckles.

Pros of Lifeline Jungle Gy​​​​​m XT

  1. Adjustable anchor points offer more changes to intensity of workouts
  2. Comfortable and sturdy handles 
  3. Less expensive than TRX Duo Trainer

Cons vs TRX Duo Trainer

  1. Difficult to flip around without removing feet (push to pull exercise) so not great for super-set workouts
  2. Foot cradles are difficult to access
  3. Company offers 30 day return policy on faulty goods but no warranty, TRX gives you 5 year warranty

Final Verdict: TRX Home Gym suspension trainer

The Duo Trainer compliments the other TRX suspension trainers. It functions great as a warm-up tool like other Kelly Starrett / MobilityWOD products. These products are popular and successful sellers, helping thousand of athletes. The design of the Duo Trainer helps to reduce some common injuries users have experienced using suspension trainers. The straight handles feel natural and greatly reduce the threat of wrist pain. There are many awesome exercises you can do with Olympic rings. Unfortunately many of them can be difficult for beginners and novices. The Duo Trainer offers the opportunity to do Olympic rings moves in a safer and easier way. As well as these moves there are many other which you can’t perform with a regular suspension trainer.

The equipment encourages challenging and high intensity workouts. TRX’s patent-pending Infinity Anchors and Loops permit quick and accurate, efficient adjustments. It means you can move from one exercise to the next at your ideal pace. You will be pleasantly surprised how much more difficult a plank is when your feet are hovering above the ground in some straps. Your workout will be more fun and interesting, you will definitely want to show off how you can flip or hold yourself up in the air. The biggest con against purchasing the Duo Trainer is the price. As stated earlier it is really an innovation on the TRX suspension. Also it is not the only or first dual-anchor point available on the market. Originally retailing at $199.99 it seemed to be over priced but within no time it was listed as sold out! The price has come down to $149 and $119 which is very close to it’s main competitors. And remember is you buy direct from TRX or an authorised seller, the product will have a five year warranty.

In conclusion, the Dou Trainer adds another level of versatility to suspension training. You can’t ignore the investment TRX have put into this product. Partnering with a renowned fitness and strength expert highlights their commitment to innovation and progress. The Duo Trainer is a little more expensive than the competition but it is worth it. It lives up to the TRX brand reputation for world-class training for everyone, no matter their fitness level.

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