Recommended Resources

Male Wellness Recommended Resources

Here you will find information and reviews on the products and tools I am using to follow and maintain a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Disclaimer: Some of the links below are affiliate links. This means that if you buy one of them I will receive a commission for the sale. Nonetheless, I have and do use all the products and recommend them because I find them great, regardless of whether or how much they pay me 🙂

Man Flow Yoga – Yoga for Men

I have been using for Man Flow Yoga for over 3 years and it is my main yoga practice resource. It is the best online yoga for men as it’s workout will improve your fitness and sports performance. I have developed better body awareness and control and see improvements in my balance, flexibility and mobility. It offers no nonsense fitness focused yoga helping you stay active and healthy.

Gravity Yoga – Yoga for Flexibility

Improving my flexibility and mobility has probably been the biggest goal in yoga journey. Gravity yoga is specifically focused on flexibility and is a great compliment for whatever exercise or training you are doing.

TRX Pro – Suspension Trainer

I have been exercising with suspension trainers for ages and recommend them to anyone who wants to get and stay fit. There are very effective as they utilise your body-weight and you can train all areas of your body. You can also train multiple muscle groups at the same time and it is easy to increase or decrease the difficulty of exercises.

Aura Cork Yoga Mat – Yoga Mat

I use this mat because it has great length, thickness and is made from sustainable materials. It is is quite light and portable so is suitable for travel. 

YogaDownload – Yoga App

A yoga app ensures that your are able to practice whenever, wherever! YogaDownload app is packed with classes, over 1,500 at the last count! The classes included all the yoga styles as well as Barre, Pilates and even classes for kids. What I really like about YogaDownload is that they have done a fantastic job at creating the right atmosphere for yoga.

Yoga Props

Throughout my yoga journey I have always utilised yoga props and found the very beneficial. For men doing yoga, yoga props are more important as you have less flexibility and more tightness than women.