Accelerate Your Weight Loss With TRX Training Exercises

Accelerate Your Weight Loss With TRX Training Exercises

Exercise is the most effective way of losing weight. It is also the most sustainable way to manage your weight long term. TRX or Suspension trainers are incredible versatile training devices. Therefore they allow you to push your body like the Navy SEALs! But can you lose weight with TRX training?

You lose weight with TRX training through a combination of resistance training and high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Resistance training pushes your heart rate, burning fat at a high rate. HIIT sessions involve two phases; Phase 1: work out as hard as possible in a short time-frame. Phase 2: A passive recovery period before moving back to phase 1.

TRX training workouts are very adaptable and are also suitable for people who only have a basic level of fitness and coordination. If you are a newbie seek out a trainer to ensure you have the correct technique using the equipment. Being comfortable while doing TRX training will lead to more effective weight loss workouts.

Full Body Resistance Training

Resistance training has now been established as a vital component in weight loss and sustainable weight management. Cardio workouts like Zumba or spinning classes may push your heart rate, help burn calories and you will feel great afterwards. 

However resistance training focuses on the creation of increased lean muscle and EPOC. The major advantage of having more muscle is that your body burns more calories when resting. Consequently resistance training can massively impact fat loss by allowing modifications in three essential training areas:

Exercise Variety

There are many exercises available in the creation of a resistance training program for fat loss. However the most effective and efficient are ones that require balance, coordination and movement of multiple joints and limbs. Doing traditional functional exercises like burpees, lunges, planks, push-ups and squats are very effective. 

However after a while they become less effective as your body gets used to doing them. TRX training adds a new layer to these exercises because you can combine them to increase the difficulty and intensity. Also all TRX exercises require continual core activation as a result burning more fat.

Workout Volume

There is a clear link between increasing workout volume and the increased creation of lean muscle and EPOC. Your workout volume is the total number of sets, reps or time your body is resisting weight or exerting tension over a period of time. 

Weight loss and weight maintenance requires manipulating the amount of sets or reps or weight utilised during a workout. Therefore increasing reps, sets and weights to maximise effort have been the main levers of variety for resistance training.

TRX training increases the variety as it allows further adaptation of popular exercises. For instance for the upper body you could do a push-up then lift your hips into a pike position. The result is an ab exercise on top of your chest and arm workout. 

Or maybe you want to make the exercise everyone loves to hate, the burpee harder! Use the TRX to do single leg burpees which will definitely get your heart rate pumping!

Workout Intensity

Working out at your highest level has a significant effect on your hormonal response to exercise. Training at high intensity will increase lean muscle mass and EPOC which all contribute to your ability to burn fat.

Increasing your level of effort creates a training stress resulting in major hormonal release. Finally, it leads to more post workout oxygen utilisation, subsequently you burn fat for a longer period.

lose weight with TRX training workout intensity

Probably the most effective thing you can do to increase workout intensity in resistance training is decreasing the rest time between sets. Reduced rest time will push you by increasing the metabolic stress on your body. Expect to see gains through the utilisation of fat and the creation of muscle. 

Utilising Supersets where you do two exercises in succession on opposing muscles is a great way of decreasing rest between sets. TRX training increases your option when doing Supersets and also allows you to reduce the time between each exercise. You can easily go from one body part focused exercise to the next or combine multiple body parts in a single exercise.

Hardcore Resistance Training Tool

The potential of a TRX trainer for resistance training is quite vast. With the right direction and assistance you can use it to take your resistance training to a “Hardcore” level. By combining high intensity training exercises and doing them back-to-back in a non-stop way you can create hardcore Superset workouts. 

Work with a personal trainer or training partner who can aid in hypertrophy inducing partner-assisted and increased weight reps. They can also provide additional resistance and help to increase the pace.

lose weight with TRX training

A simple example would be pushing down on the shoulders when the athlete rises from doing a one-legged pistol squat. This type of additional resistance can be applied to many basic TRX exercises.

If you don’t have access to a partner try using your TRX trainer wearing a weighted vest. The advantage of having a partner is that they can increase and decrease the additional resistance. The goal is to ensure that the final reps in each set is very tough and rarely completed.

Struggling with the last reps is the secret to burning fat with resistance training. Being pushed to your limit will increase your heart rate and increase lean muscle mass and EPOC. The most effective way to achieve this with TRX training is adding intensity amplifying tactics to your basic TRX exercises. 

These intensity amplifying tactics can be self-administered or partner-administered. Self-administered tactics include drop and forced reps while partner-administered would be overloads and assisted reps.


HIIT with TRX training

A HIIT session comprises a high intensity workout set followed by a recovery phase. Compared to medium intensity exercises like running or swimming, HIIT has 6 times higher loss of fat mass. When doing HIIT with a TRX trainer you will work your back, core and legs, so it is a full body workout. 

Another advantage of these types of workout is that they are very efficient. 15 to 30 minutes, 2 to 4 times a week will produce fantastic results.

Really focus on engaging your core when doing any exercise with the TRX trainer. As a result you will have the most effective workout. This helps you focus on your alignment and form and ensure you don’t put any unnecessary stress on your back.

HIIT training is suitable for everyone (except for absolute beginners and patients with cardiology problems) who really want to see notable gains from their workouts.

Best Exercises to Lose Weight with TRX Training

The TRX Trainer is a very versatile exercise device. There are many exercises you can do with it that can help achieve different fitness goals. To lose weight with TRX training try the follow the below exercises to make a super effective TRX HIIT weight loss routine. 

Finally remember to seek the advice of your fitness trainer, medical and/or allied health professionals, if you are new to exercise or have an injury or medical condition to consider.

TRX Sprinter Start

Begin in a strong standing plank to ensure core is engaged. Progress from simply stepping foot back and forward to and finishing with some explosive double hops. Do 45 seconds on each side followed by 30 seconds recovery

TRX Push-up

The instability of the TRX ensures that you will need to engage your core and keep your whole body straight. You can make the exercise harder by doing the push-up with your feet in the suspension handles. The burn will increase as all your weight will be in the arms and chest. Do 30 push-ups or your maximum, then 45 seconds recovery.

TRX Jump Squat

Great exercise for developing explosive power and leg strength. Squats actually work all major muscle groups with a strong emphasis on abs, glutes, hamstrings and lower back. Aim for 60 seconds and then 30 seconds recovery.

TRX Inverted Row

The TRX inverted row primarily targets the middle back. To a lesser degree it also targets the biceps, forearms, lower back and shoulders. Focus on keeping your body straight and tight while pulling your chest up to the TRX straps. Aim for 60 seconds and then 30 seconds recovery

TRX Mountain climbers + rotating side planks

Do the TRX mountain climbers  explosively and your heart rate will speed up in a few seconds. To perform this exercise effectively you will need to make sure your core is engaged throughout. This exercise works almost your whole body so it’s a great way to improve strength and cardiovascular health. Aim for 30 in total followed by active rest of rotating side plank on floor (10 each side).

TRX Atomic Push-up

This exercise is a full-body, functional strengthener, working the chest, shoulders, triceps, core, glutes, and quads. The components of this exercise are a full push-up, followed by a tuck (ie: driving knees to chest).To perform the pushup with control focus on keeping your back straight. Aim for 20 reps followed by 45 seconds recovery.

TRX Burpees

Finish with a classic! TRX Burpee is a great move for full body strength. It requires balance, leg, core and upper body strength. A metabolically-demanding exercise that ensures you empty the tank to finish your workout! Aim for 15 reps on each leg.

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