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What is Male Wellness?

Hey, did you know that men die on average, five years earlier than women? This suggest that men are not making the best decisions when it comes to health and fitness and overall wellness. Male Wellness provides inspiration and motivation for men to make the changes needed to achieve sustainable health and fitness in their lives.

Male Wellness is for men who want to lead an active lifestyle that is well rounded and varied. Men who are looking for more holistic health and fitness regime with a focus on functional exercise. Men who are open to trying new activities that challenge the traditional machismo culture of fitness and training. Older men who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle but are encountering obstacles.

You will read the blog if they want information on health and fitness topics. You will get a view on alternative health and fitness trends for men. Ideas on how to start doing new activities, what to expect and the benefits of doing them. You will find information and reviews about functional training, meditation, yoga and other relevant topics.

Meet Manny

Hi, I’m Manny and I am the creator of Male Wellness. From a young age I have always enjoyed being active and playing sports. Following a healthy lifestyle will always be a high priority and in this blog I share my opinions on what men should be doing to achieve sustainable health and wellness in their lives. Male Wellness will discuss a number of health, fitness and wellness activities and also promote classes, programs, products and activities that will bring better balance to the busy lifestyle that many men lead.

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